The world’s only Menopause Festival returns for the fourth time continuing the online format we successfully premiered in 2021. We will once again be bringing you a range of entertainment, workshops and talks. We are grateful for the support of our Prime Sponsors EY and Scotmid, with Associate Sponsor, SSE.

Book a Festival Pass to participate in both events: the Comedy Night on Friday and the Talks & Workshops on Saturday or you can buy tickets for each event separately.

Friday June 17th: Menopause Comedy Night

Laughter is the best medicine, so join us on Friday night to learn a little and laugh a lot, at a fantastic line up of comedians, riffing on a mid-life or menopause theme.  Compered by the excellent Pauline Eyre, who delighted us with her comedy show at #FlushFest21.

Invite your friends to join you, in person or remotely, for a cracking Friday night’s entertainment!

Saturday 18th June 2022: Talks and Workshops

Keynotes Talks

Talking Menopause

Kirsty Wark with Nicola Sturgeon MSP

Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland in conversation with Kirsty Wark, one of Britain’s most experienced journalists.   They will be talking about navigating menopause as high-profile, busy professionals.   

Only #FlushFest22 ticketholders will be able submit questions for Kirsty and the First Minister. The deadline for submitting questions is 9th June, so don’t delay and buy your tickets NOW.

The Menopause: Symptoms and Ways to Manage them with Haitham Hamoda

The Chair of the British Menopause Society  and Lead for Menopause Services at King’s College Hospital will explain the medical facts about the menopause: definitions, symptoms and ways to reduce their impact on our lives.  Followed by live Q & A afterwards.

1pm Workshops

Find Strength through Menopause by Amanda Thebe

Author of “Menopocalypse: How I Learned to Thrive During Menopause and How You Can Too!”

Building strength and resiliency through menopause is the gateway to longevity and robust health. Amanda Thebe will show you how to get started – if you have always wondered what strength training is like but have no idea how to begin, then Amanda will lead the way for you. Once you start, you’ll be completely hooked.

Put on your comfy clothes or lycra. No equipment needed!

Working through Menopause by Dinah Tobias

Founder of Blooming Menopause

Getting through a day at work can be a challenge during menopause. It’s no surprise that 1 in 4 women consider leaving their jobs and careers due to symptoms and lack of support.

In this interactive workshop we will learn and explore together:

  • your legal rights as employees and best practice support from employers
  • how to get support from HR and your line manager
  • tips on working effectively despite troublesome menopause symptoms
  • how to support your workplace to become more menopause-inclusive

Revenge of the Invisible Woman – How to get yourself Seen and Heard! with Vanessa Collingridge

Broadcaster, author and coach

Does your mind go blank and your whole body flush when you stand up to talk? Do you feel like hiding away from the world? If so, this workshop is for you, helping you gain the confidence & skills to step out of the shadows and make your voice heard. Whether it’s talking to your GP about menopause treatments, a job interview, a presentation – or even just thanking a group of friends on a night out – we all need to know how to stand up and speak with confidence.

This fun, interactive and empowering session will help you do just that. From dealing with nerves & brain-fog, to getting your message across to an audience in a way that’s clear, compelling and authentic – this session is for the new, more confident you.

Create. Connect. Celebrate: Fantoosh Vulva Painting workshop!  with Lynn Fraser 

Artist connecting folk to nature and each other, Mrs Fantoosh

How can we begin to break the menopause taboo if we can’t first talk openly about all bodily parts?

A quirky, fun and beautiful online painty experience exploring and creating abstract vulvas in watercolour.  We’ll take a wee look at a diagram of a vulva to name the parts and discuss thoughts and problems that can arise during menopause.

This workshop aims to be fun, liberating, empowering, colourful, celebratory! Because we need to start celebrating ourselves and our own lived experience in order to nurture our own wellbeing.

No artistic ability is needed, just permission to play, watercolour paints, paper, a brush, a pen and a twig!

Creativity and the Menopause with Sarah Grove-White

Artist and creative wellbeing practitioner

‘Creativity and The Menopause’ is a creative arts workshop that aims to explore the sensory experiences of women/people who are either directly affected or facing symptoms of the perimenopause or menopause transition. The focus will be on creatively exploring your personal stories and experiences through mark making.

3pm Workshops

Understanding mental health and wellbeing during and beyond menopause with Diane Danzebrink

Therapist, wellbeing consultant, founder of Menopause Support and menopause campaigner extrordinaire

An opportunity to consider menopause, mental health and wellbeing. The psychological symptoms of menopause are still underestimated and often go unrecognised or misdiagnosed. However, it’s not all about symptoms, how we arrive at peri menopause is also rarely considered. Each transition is multifactorial so during this workshop we will look at some of those factors to help you understand how to navigate the transition successfully and look to the future.

Desire in the Doldrums? Getting your Sexy Back with Dr Claire MacAulay

Certified Sexological Bodyworker

In this interactive workshop, we will be focussing on the effect that the menopausal transition can have on your experience of sexual desire, and exploring what you can do to re-ignite a relationship with your sexuality and your body.

How Can Yoga Help You Manage Your Menopause? with Petra Coveney

Founder of Menopause Yoga

Petra will explain the benefits of specific yoga poses, breathing and meditation techniques to help alleviate some of the common symptoms of the menopause, and prevention of long term health risks such as osteopenia, sarcopenia and cardio vascular health.

She will demonstrate some of these simple techniques for you to practice with her.

Mind over Menopause with Ruby McGuire and Gail Gibson

Coaches and authors of “The Working Women’s guide to Menopause

Manage your mindset
1. Drop the Blame Game (Cause & Effect – taking back control)
2. Just Say ‘No’ (Honouring your boundaries)
3. Ditch Your Mindset Monkeys (Reframing your negative self-talk)

Manage your time
1. Minimise Brain Fog and Get More Done (Power Hours / Productivity)
2. Your New BFF (Accountability)
3. Stop Talking, Start Doing. Adopt the Can-Do Approach (Procrastination)

Manage yourself
1. Ready, Set, Go! (Morning Routines)
2. It’s All About Me! (Self-Care)

Reconnecting with the Body with Kat Lyons

Queer writer and performer

Bodies – especially women’s bodies – can be politicised, sexualised and medicalised, and are often a site of conflict and discontent. During this workshop participants will look at poetry that focuses on the body and bodily experiences, examine which techniques are used to bring those experiences to life on the page, and use writing exercises and discussion to creatively explore their own experiences and relationship to their body, and nurture positivity and reconnection.

Feather of Hope: mixed media art project with Pavla Neuscholva

Therapeutic art and play practitioner

Some women experience unpleasant symptoms during the menopause. Dealing with them can be frustrating.
The aim of the art workshop is to create a safe space for their exploration and transformation.

We will use the repetitive patterns – Zentangle shapes while creating the feather as a symbol of hope. This process can be very soothing and relaxing. The aim is to uplift the mood of participants and help them to change their perspective of looking at menopause and their symptoms. Participants will need basic art materials: paper, pencil and black pen. We’ll send you a list of optional additional materials if you choose this workshop

Book a Festival Pass to participate in both events: the Comedy Night on Friday and the Talks & Workshops on Saturday or you can buy tickets for each event separately.

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