The evolution of #FlushFest2021

Menopause Cafés are pop-up events, held worldwide, aiming to break the taboo around talking menopause.

The conversation began in early 2017 when Menopause Café founder Rachel Weiss watched the Kirsty Wark documentary ‘Menopause and Me’ with her husband and realised how pervasive and damaging the silence was around menopause. Rachel wanted to do something to change that and hosted the first menopause café with two other women, Lorna and Gail, in June of that year.

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There’s more to menopause

If you listen closely, you’ll hear it.

That sound is the conversation around menopause beginning.

Those whispers will become a roar during #FlushFest2021 on 31st April and 1st May this year as we ramp up our conversations about menopause in the workplace and use the arts to explore menopause.

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