A bit of feedback and some photos from our really rather wonderful event.

Day 1 – Menopause at Work

Festival opening by the Minister for Older People and Equalities, Christina McKelvie MSP

Menopause at Work seminar in Joan Knight Studio

  • Dr Vanessa Beck, University of Bristol, co-author of the Government report on how menopause impacts on women’s economic participation
  • Kate Waytt, employment lawyer, partner at Lindsays
  • Collette Stevenson, South Lanarkshire Council on their “Supporting Menopausal Women at South Lanarkshire Council” policy
  • Karen Wright from NHS Velindre Wales on “The Journey to Becoming a Menopause Aware and Supporting Employer”
  • Group discussions, sharing good practice
  • Panel discussion with speakers including Moira McLeod from SSE and Ruth Devlin from Let’s Talk Menopause

Excellent speakers, and was a well run, inclusive event.

Enjoyed the variety of resources and speakers. The discussions with other participants were an amazing opportunity to learn and share more.

Great mix of formats and speakers, and the timings were spot on. Inspiring and held my attention throughout

Every speaker was excellent, with different, relevant information

Feeling more educated

Thank you for a great event, very informative

Lots of inspiration, thank you!

Keep up the good work, I’m glad to have made links with you

Day 2 – Breaking the taboo: learning and having some fun

Keynote Speaker:
Kelli Jaecks, author of  “Martinis & Menopause: strategies, science and tips  that empower women to beat the Hormone Groan” , speaking on the Fantastic Four: exercise, diet, sleep, HRT with Q&A.
Dr Laura Jarvis from Tayside Menopause Service: “Medical Aspects of the Menopause”
Parallel workshops 
Creative writing: a novel addition to the Menopause survival tool-kit with Fiona Thackeray
Photography workshop with Malcolm Lind, Perthshire Photography Society
Parallel workshops
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) strategies for managing menopausal symptoms with Emma Persand
Nutrition and Exercise with Samantha Valand, author of “The Menopause Diaries: a practical guide to healthy eating and exercising in your menopausal years
Mindfulness – Accepting and Embracing Changes with Denise Symons
Q & A with Dr Jarvis, Kelli Jaecks and Ruth Devlin

Very nice mix of talks and activities

Please do this again

Kelli Jaecks was brilliant!

I have been made to feel like I matter

I have learnt so much, especially about HRT. Thank you this has been so useful

I had a brilliant day

Friendly crowd, was happy to come on my own and meet new people.

Very impressed with Dr Jarvis’ talk, lots of helpful info

Kelli Jaecks was great fun

I’ve enjoyed it all, please do it again

Have enjoyed everything, and meeting others who understand

Please do another festival next year or in two years. This one was outstanding