Here is a list of Menopause Cafe events that have taken place in the last 12 months.

25may9:30 am11:30 amMenopause Cafe Stockport, UK

18may12:30 pm2:00 pmMenopause Cafe at Work, Leicester, UKUniversity of Leicester

16may6:00 pm8:00 pmMenopause Cafe Ayr, UK

12may2:15 pm5:30 pmMenopause Festival Perth, UK#FlushFest

09may7:00 pm9:00 pmMenopause Cafe Nottingham, UK

09may7:00 pm9:00 pmMenopause Cafe Mauchline, UK

08may9:30 am11:00 amMenopause Cafe Ealing, UK

25apr7:15 pm9:15 pmMenopause Cafe Stirling, UK

21apr4:00 pm6:00 pmMenopause Cafe Petersfield, UK

21apr2:15 pm5:50 pmMenopause Festival Perth, UK#FlushFest

18apr1:30 pm2:30 pmMenopause Cafe Aylesbury, UK

09apr5:30 pm7:30 pmMenopause Cafe Manchester, UK

24mar2:15 pm5:30 pmMenopause Festival Perth, UK#FlushFest

19mar7:00 pm9:00 pmMenopause Cafe Catrine, UK

14mar5:00 pm7:30 pmMenopause Cafe Edinburgh, UK

13mar8:00 am10:00 amMenopause Cafe Ealing, UK

11mar4:30 pm6:00 pmWomen of the World London *Sold Out*Menopause Cafe

10mar2:15 pm5:30 pmMenopause Festival Perth, UK#FlushFest

09mar12:30 pm2:00 pmMenopause Cafe at Work, University of Leicester, UK

08mar9:30 am11:30 amMenopause Cafe Sheffield, UK

06mar7:30 pm9:30 pmMenopause Cafe Toronto, Ontario, Canada

02mar8:30 am10:30 amMenopause Cafe Stockport, UK

28feb7:15 pm9:15 pmEvent CancelledMenopause Cafe Stirling, UK

28feb5:00 pm7:30 pmEvent CancelledMenopause Cafe Edinburgh, UK

08feb7:20 pm7:20 pmMenopause Cafe Sheffield, UK

20jan7:23 pm8:23 pmMenopause Cafe Petersfield, UK

13jan7:39 pm8:39 pmMenopause Cafe Cumnock, UK

09dec7:42 pm8:42 pmMenopause Cafe Edinburgh, UK

07dec7:41 pm8:41 pmMenopause Cafe Edinburgh, UK

28oct7:43 pm8:43 pmWOW Perth, UKMenopause Cafe Perth

05sep7:51 pm8:51 pmMenopause Cafe Perth, UK

12jun7:53 pm8:53 pmMenopause Cafe Perth, UK